In this article, I am going to discuss about a number of things that you need to know when you are trying to get an ex back. First question is how desperately do you want your ex back? This will determine as to what measures you will go to get her back. What is the length of time prior to breaking up? This will help in coming to the conclusion rather your ex liked you or loved you. Last we will investigate the question, How do you get an ex back?

Language of Desires

Sometimes people, especially younger people, take love for granted and not realize it until it’s gone. So when trying to get an ex back it can be difficult, especially when the ex does not want you back. If your ex does not want you back then you need to move on.

If you were together for a short period of time then most likely the ex is not in love and you should not be either.

Here are some areas that you ought to look at when you are trying to get an ex back
• What is the cause for the break up?
• How long did you know each other prior to breaking up?
• How much of the things the two of you share in common?
• How did the ex act one week prior to the break up?

What happened to cause the break up has a lot to do with getting back with an ex. If it is something small then it can be worked out and if the reason for the breakup was something terrible then I highly doubt that we should even continue.

Depending on whether you two were friends prior to the breakup is where you might have a chance. If you two were really Close friends then you might be able to squeeze in and get another opportunity.

Depending on how much you had in common helps you figure out how you can make a stand with her. Find something that you both like to do like roller-blading or playing tennis. Invite her and her friends so it is not looking like a date. Make it a casual get together.

How did your ex act one week prior to the break up, now this is only relevant if you don’t know why you two broke up. If she was acting good up until the day that you two broke up then she needs some space or she did not know what she wanted until that day. Just give her some time, and if she was acting weird for the last three days or so, then she probably dumped you and you don’t want her back. Hopefully that answers your question of how do you get an ex back?

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