They say love is always sweeter the second time around. Yes, maybe that’s true. When you’ve lost someone you dearly love, you always get that feeling of regret. And when you get that chance of being with that person again, you learn your lesson and try not to commit the same mistakes you made before. But even before we talk about that new “you” in your relationship, there is one huge roadblock that you have to face first. How do you get your ex back in the first place?

Language of Desires

Getting your ex back requires you to be a master of self-discipline and patience. Read on to get tested and proven tips on how to get “the one who got away” back into your arms again!

1. Don’t go begging. Try not to look pathetic by banging at your ex’s door, pleading with them to take you back. It may have worked in the movies but there is a low probability that it will work in real life. Forcing yourself on her will only make her want to get further away from you.

2. Give your ex more space. If it’s space or time she needs, then give her exactly that! After the breakup, try not to text or call or even bother her. Give her time to think things through and let that “missing you” feeling sink in. After that, you will have an easier time getting her to talk and spend time with you again!

3. Don’t go overreacting. If your ex needs space and time, give yourself the same. Don’t go overreacting by throwing their clothes out the door the next time you have the chance. You will regret your actions and most likely put out that single ray of hope between the both of you.

4. Go out and have fun! Take this chance to spend some time with your friends again. Don’t lock yourself up in your room and cry your eyes out. Show your ex that you are emotionally mature enough to handle these trying times. Just don’t go finding yourself a rebound girl/guy. This will remove all chances of getting your ex back!

Following these tips may not patch up your relationship then and there. When emotions are involved, it will take time. Your partner may need some space to think things through. But just remember one thing: a little patience and perseverance goes a long way. Good luck!

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