To get your ex back after a messy breakup can be difficult especially when you are still feelings hurt and disappointed. There is nothing much you can do if both parties are unwilling to give in. Forgiveness plays an important role in patching the differences between you and your ex. If you are missing your ex very much and are serious in wanting him or her back, you need to be forgiving if your ex has done something wrong. If you are the one who has hurt your ex, then you have to put in the effort to ask for his or her forgiveness.

Language of Desires

You can never get your ex back if you are self-centered. Both you and your ex should develop the value of humble so that the importance of the relationship will always be placed above individual interests. Selfish attitudes are undesirable and can cause a lot of problems and obstacles to your relationship.

Everyone makes mistakes, differ only from how big or small those mistakes are. We are humans and not sages so we may have difficult time trying to forgive grave mistakes. Fortunately most of the mistakes committed in relationship are small because they are made out of rage. When a person is hopping mad, he or she may say or do something which is very hurting to the other party.

If you have been hurt by what your partner had said or done to you, always recall what was actually going on then. Was you ex said or done the thing at the heat of the moment. Was your ex undergoing a lot of stress then? Was your ex saying that because of the fear of losing you? Think of the context and if you are able to identify the real problem, you will be more willing to forgive your ex.

If you were the one who created all these problems and broke your sweetheart’s heart, you have to take action to get your ex back.

Put your pride aside and admit your mistakes. Take responsibility of your actions and ask for forgiveness. Your ex may not forgive you the first time, the second time or the third time, so you just have to be persistence to go on and on until he or she forgive you. You need patience, time and a lot of sincerity to win your ex back.

No matter who was the one who has done the mistake, if you want to patch the differences, both of you will just have to commit in dealing with the problems. To maintain a good relationship requires both hands to clap, so if you want to be with him or her for the rest of your life, learn to be more forgiving.

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