Ah, love. To be in love and to be loved in return is the ultimate goal of every person. To experience that strong feeling of affection and personal attachment towards another can lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling existence.

Language of Desires

Love is the basic ingredient in all relationships, especially in romantic ones. It connects a person to another and causes them to act as one. It starts when one becomes acquainted with another and the relationship develops into something stronger.

But then, sometimes people drift apart even though the love is still there. A breakup can be hard; it can awaken negative feelings in a person. Oftentimes, you will feel an urgent need to get your ex back, no matter the cost.

Understanding the Reason

The first step to do if you want your ex back is to determine the cause of the breakup. Think about the things that might have caused the relationship to dwindle, like being too lax and taking the relationship for granted or your attitude towards him, his loved ones or his friends.

Evaluate how things went from sweet to sour to bitter. In order to come up with a good way to get your ex back, take some time to think about all that has happened in your relationship and find out where it all went wrong.

It is important to keep the breakup a secret from your friends and family until such time that you are certain that you can no longer get your ex back. Until then, try to make the relationship work one more time.

Taking Action

After determining the cause of the breakup, it is time to move on and see if it is possible to get your ex back. The best way to do this is to get in contact with him through mutual friends.

An evening out with friends is a good start. You need to observe him discreetly and see if he is still interested in you. You will know from his body language and his behavior towards you if he is also open to reconciliation.

Ask him for some time to talk about your relationship. Be sure to talk about it in a quiet and relaxed manner, if possible have it in a public place to ensure that you both act appropriately.

When talking about the relationship, refrain from criticizing and blaming him. If you want to get your ex back, dont put him in a defensive situation. This might cause him to become offensive and cause a fight, losing your chance for reconciliation.

Finally if you decide to reconcile, be positive and hope for the best. Refrain from committing the same mistakes and it is very important to remember that relationships will grow if you build each other up.

Your passion, intimacy, mutual respect, and commitment is essential to achieve consummate love, the most durable type of love and the one which you must strive to achieve once you get your ex back.

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