You want to get your ex back after she or he had an affair! Before you start thinking how you are going to get your ex back, you need to ask yourself if you can forget and forgive.

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In such situation, getting your ex back makes only sense if you can move past the hurt and emotional pain of the betrayal. No one forgets affair of someone we love. Some people stay together and they do alright but you have to accept that your relationship will never be the same. It is an important factor in deciding if you want get your ex back.

Taking a cheating lover or spouse back is a big sacrifice. It really is. Trust me I know what I am talking about here. You will look around and envy the untainted relationships. It will make your relationship look differently, more like a cost benefit analysis than a romantic thing. For people, who have an idealistic idea of relationship, it is a big loss. Of course, the time and effort put in keeping the relationship intact after the affair will mitigate the loss. I guess it is the same for all losses. But they never look at their partners or spouses quite the same again. Even the cheaters regret it despite that they have brought it into their lives.

But the question if it is worth to try to get your ex back after the affair is far more complex. It is true that your relationship is not going to be as it was before. But it doesn’t mean it is ruined completely. For instance, is getting your ex back worth the effort if she or he has learned a painful lesson from the affair? Is it more risky than starting a new relationship with someone you don’t know too well?

Of course, trying to get your ex back in case if they don’t show any genuine remorse or don’t take any active measures to change the behaviour pattern which led them to cheating in the first place, is completely different story.

Why bother with trying to get your ex back if they don’t see anything wrong with what they have done.

But if you truly believe that your ex has learned a horrible and painful lesson, I honestly believe that they are less likely to ever cheat on you again than someone who has never gone through it at all. Your ex is no greater risk than someone new.

I firmly believe that it is possible to recover a relationship or marriage from infidelity. Yes, it is difficult, but it is doable. But only you can answer if getting your ex back is worth the effort in your particular situation.

Why is getting your ex back so important to you? Because a good relationship is one of the most treasured of human interactions. We all want to be loved. There are the great times together, the shared dreams and visions, the mutual likes and dislikes and more. Great relationships are essential for enjoying a good quality of life. They color everything else around us.

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