Every relationship has it highs and lows. Naturally, you need make sure you have more ups than downs. Every problem has a solution , it’s a matter of selecting how hard you are going to work at it. Giving up is always the easy way out. When you really love someone, you do your utmost to work at your best and make stuff happen for its best.

Language of Desires

First, you wish to ask each other is the issue truly worth disagreeing about or actually breaking- up over. Once you have this questions answered, we are able to move forward. We are actually hoping for a no, but I have answers to both. If the answer’s no, then you’ve got the green light to work together. Don’t push to talk about it right away. Give each other a little time to think about the difficulty and agree on a time you can both get together to chat about your differences.

In case, the issue is worth breaking up over, then yes do give each other space. Don’t jump the truck and begin to push your ex boyfriend to work things out with you immediately. You might be the root of the issue, so you need to give it a little time for the two of you to contemplate things. If in this case, you’re the problem in the relationship, then we have some work to do.

Don’t call him straight away or show you are desperate to get back with him. Concentrate on yourself, as hard as this may appear at the moment. Go out and get some unpolluted air. Join the gym if you’ve got to, begin to look better. Shopping for some new garments always helps beef up your self-esteem also. Go cosset and beautify yourself. Let him see you at your best, this will definitely have him wondering about you. Remember he is expecting you to be at his feet, begging him back, so you do not need to start this way.

Once you’ve focused on yourself for one week, this is going to be sufficient time to get results on his end.

By now he is potentially text or called you. Do respond to him. Don’t forget his calls, but do stay powerful and don’t let him notice that you would like him back immediately. After he expresses that he misses you and wants to chat things out and you agree begin to make him feel you’re still interested to work things out too.

Don’t be defensive when your ex boyfriend expresses things about you, that you may need to switch. Take his criticism as a positive one. We all screw up, you are still in time to change it around and work at making your weaknesses your strengths. I believe in you. Now it’s a matter of how much do you have a belief in yourself? These steps could also turn things around for you and not push your ex boyfriend away. It worked nicely for me why not for you?

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