You’re probably laying awake at night, missing him, wishing that he was right there with you. You’re suffering the pain that only lovers bear and it’s one of the most difficult things anyone can ever go through…the grief and sorrow of lost love. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, and life looks dismal, but I’m here to tell you to take heart! Many times love can be restored and even be better than before! There is always hope where there is love, so get up, take stock of your situation and give your relationship it’s best chance.

Language of Desires

Most women, when they have been dumped (what an awful word!) do the predictable thing. First they cry, and then they call and text, and maybe even plead for a second chance. They might resort to stalking their ex, or calling all his friends to see what he’s up to. This doesn’t work and it’s probably the very worst thing you can do if you want to get your boyfriend back! What you must do instead is just what you don’t want to do and that is cut off all communication. He can’t miss you if you’re always in his face, so make yourself scarce and let him wonder how it is you have suddenly become so mysterious and unavailable. This is part of the game of attraction. Never forget that men are hunters and if you’re too easy to catch you are a lot less attractive in the mind of your boyfriend. To get your boyfriend back right now, you’re going to have to play the game and play it cool.

When he calls you during this time to “see how you are” be very sweet, but distant and don’t give out too much information, and whatever you do, do not stay on the phone for more than a couple of minutes and do not agree to meet up! He may just want to see if he can get you to come over so that he knows he still has the power…don’t do it! Remember the easier you are to get, the less attractive you are to catch! To get your boyfriend back right now, is actually a step by step process with you in control.

You may be wondering why do you need to play all these games, why can’t he just take you back and why oh why can’t everything be the way it was? Well, instead of asking that, ask yourself, how you are going to make it better, much better than it was! You will not regret it in the end, so take this break up as a challenge to do just that. Stop crying and start working on this relationship, in a smart way. During this period of separation, become the woman you are meant to be. Think about how your relationship really was, do some self reflection to get insights into why the break up happened. You might be surprised what you uncover!

William Shakespeare said “The course of true love was never easy” and truer words have never been spoken! If this is the man for you, you will have to learn and grow, and be smart about how you are going to get him back! The reward is true love, and true happiness with the one you love.

Here’s a step by step approach that really works to bring back that slippery man! Take fast action now and discover those little secrets of seduction and sensuality that will help YOU win big in the game of love! Talk on and on about love at the “Saving Love” Blog