-Love is very beautiful feeling to have when its just in favor of us, but when it turns against ourselves, it hurts, hurts and keeps on hurting. It will make us think “Whether this love is worth it?”. But if you desire to get the ex back, and if your ex is an apt partner for you, then you can get your ex back for sure. Just follow this 7 secrets…

Language of Desires

Stay Cool:

Just after the break up, you will start crying and crying and then crying some more. Yes you can cry, as it will give you a path to flush away all your feelings. But, at least pretend to be very cool in front of others and especially before your Ex.

Become Stronger:

Now, you need to grow stronger. List out all possible things that you would love to change in your life and start working towards them. Start doing some yoga, exercises, have a new haircut if you intend to, etc. Do all possible things to become happier and stronger.

Hang out with Friends:

Your friends are the first people to whom you can turn in case of any trouble. You also need to divert your mind away from break up. Plan some parties, enjoy with your friends. Don’t hang out where your ex hangs out too, this will only make you feel worse and also whip you away from staying cool.

Be absent:

Be absent in your ex’s life as possibly as you can. If you had to see them due to other factors, just smile and say a “hi”, then leave. This will show your confidence to face them but will also tell them that “you don’t care”. Be absent, so that your ex will start missing you. This will speed up the process of our project to get the ex back.

Don’t Beg. You have self-respect:

Don’t ever, call your ex and start begging him/her to get into your life again. This will never ever work out and you will only end up losing your self respect and dignity, which make you much more unfavorable in the eyes of your ex.

No messengers or accidental bumps:

Don’t ask the friends of your ex to him/her something favorable about you and also don’t try to pretend that you accidentally came to the place where your ex usually hangs out. This will only make you look more desperate and make your goal of getting your ex back, disappear.

Get your mind to expand:

Now, in the time interval you give to get your ex back, read some good relationship books such as “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. Keep watching great inspiring movies and read great books, which will not only divert your mind, but will also expand your mind and make you a much more valuable person for your ex to have in life.

All the above said tips are very ideal and will work if you follow with commitment. When you feel that you are no more desperate, but still would like to get your ex back, start talking with your ex just like a friend, don’t ever let him/her know that you trying to get him/her back.

Start applying those tips immediately; you will start seeing the changes in yourself. But don’t mess up by making silly mistakes or while calling your ex.
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