When you want something to happen really badly, so much so that it’s pretty much all that you can think about, it can be easy to end up getting a little one sided in the way that you think about things. When that situation involves an ex girlfriend that you want to rekindle the relationship with, then it’s easier than you can imagine to get caught up in thinking that way. If you have been thinking about getting back together with an ex girlfriend, have you considered the possibility that she just might be a lost cause?

Language of Desires

What do I mean by this?

Well, one thing I have seen happen time and time again, is that guys will get attached to a woman and allow themselves to be blind to the reality of who she REALLY is. Meaning, they are blinded by their love for her and their desire to get back with her, that they cannot see that maybe she’s not as great as they think she is. Now, I know that it can be hard to let that sink in, but it might be the right thing to do. It also may not be the right thing to do as well.

You really have to evaluate the way that the relationship really was and not the way that you like to think it was. You may like to look back on the relationship and see it as being just right, when in reality, it wasn’t as perfect as you thought it was.

Let me give you an example of what I mean:

Years ago, I had a friend who got really attached to a woman he was seeing in college. He thought that she was perfect and that only she could end up being his wife. Well, long story short, they broke up right after college. And mu buddy was devastated. He talked about her all of the time, and the more he talked about her, the more perfect she became. Suddenly, he had built her up into the perfect woman. And we all know it would be hard to get over the perfect woman, right?

The reality was this. She was always nagging him to change everything about himself. She hated most of his friends. And when they were together, she did not want him to have a life outside of her. Not such a perfect situation, is it?

Consider this: Are you building up the image of your ex girlfriend to the point where she seems perfect to you and that is why you want her back?

If so, then you may want to take a step back and get a more realistic view of the way things were. Ask a friend to help you out with this if you need to. And if you realize that she was less than perfect, that may make you have second thoughts about getting back with her. Now, if you do this and you still want her back, then you have a more accurate answer, don’t you?

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