This is a really common question that men who have broken up with their girlfriend will ask all of the time. They want a timeline of when they are going to be able to get back their girlfriend, because they want to make it happen fast. One thing that you have to keep in mind, is that not all situations are going to play out the same way. While there are things that you can do to speed up the process of getting back your girlfriend, no one can say exactly WHEN it will happen. You have to be a little bit patient and a little open to the idea that it is BETTER to get her back the right way than to get her back fast and end up losing her all over again.

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However, if you DO want to get your girlfriend back fast, if you DO want to get her back quickly, then you have to do a few things before you get started. There are many mistakes that could be made, and if you end up choosing the wrong thing to get her back quickly, you could end up pushing her away just as fast.

Here are some tips on how to get her back quickly that should help:

1. Your ex-girlfriend needs to feel like she is in CONTROL.

While you might know that you are intentionally doing things to woo her back, you still want to make her feel like she is in control of the situation. Women do not like to admit when they cannot resist a guy, and you want her to feel like she is feeling no pressure at all to reconcile with you. This is not a situation where you want to be dominant, but you also do not want to be passive either.

2. Your ex-girlfriend needs to feel the sparks and chemistry again.

More often than not, when a woman breaks up with a man, it has less to do with some action that he did and more to do with the fact that she has lost that feeling of attraction and chemistry with him.

You see all of the time couples that have those sparks and they seem to be able to get through more ups and downs than the average couple does. Don’t underestimate how powerful the attraction and chemistry needs to be with your ex-girlfriend to win her back.

3. On your end, you have to be able to plan out your methods to reconcile with your ex-girlfriend.

This is what 90 percent or maybe more men do when they break up with their girlfriend: They make random attempts to connect with her, they call her when they get all emotional, and they end up losing her for good. If that sits right with you, then go without a plan and see what happens.

However, if you want to give yourself a REAL chance to win her back, then you NEED to have a PLAN to get your girlfriend back. Otherwise, you will be counting on luck to get her back.

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