A really common question that men will have when they have just broken up with a girlfriend is, how can I prove to her that I really want her back? Most men figure that to get their ex girlfriend back, they are on a quest to figure out what the best way to ‘prove’ to her that they are for real. They assume that this is what will finally break through to her and change her mind about getting back together. If you are looking for a way to prove to your ex girlfriend that you are for real and you think that this is what will get your girlfriend back, keep reading.

Language of Desires

The reality is, she probably already knows how much you do want to get back with her. And that is not the problem here. I mean, if all you had to do was ‘prove’ how much you really do love her, then you would already know what to do to win her back. My guess is, you’ve probably already tried a lot of the things that you assume would work to get her back, and so far, it’s been in vain. It’s not working.

That’s because you really don’t have to prove to her that you want her back. In most situations, that is not what is keeping her from wanting to get back with you. What you have to do, is to work on finding a way to make her feel like she wants the same thing.

Let me put it to you another way.

Your girlfriend breaks up with you because she has lost that feeling that she had in the beginning of the relationship. She just does not feel the same way about you. Maybe it is because the relationship has grown to be rather boring. Maybe it’s because she just does not see you in the same way. Whatever it is, she has lost a lot of the attraction.

If that is gone, you can prove it to her all day long that you really do care about her, and it’s not going to change the fact that she feels the way that she feels. Until you change that feeling, meaning, you make her feel the same way you feel about her, all she is going to think is that you are a really nice guy, the relationship just did not work out, and there is no reason to try to get back together.

Flip things around with her:

Guys will do some outrageous things to try to prove to their ex girlfriend that they want and deserve her back. They will write songs and poetry and open up their soul to her, expecting that she will be so moved… she cannot resist the idea of getting back together.

Does it ever work?

Very rarely, it might. However, most of the time, it actually causes her to feel LESS attraction for her ex boyfriend. Now, he’s not just a guy that she had a relationship that did not work out, he’s a guy who she feels absolutely NO attraction for.

Is there a BETTER way?

Yes. Instead of trying to prove to your ex girlfriend that you want her back or that you deserve her to give you a second chance, you need to reconnect with her in the same way that you would if you were just meeting for the first time. Would you pour your heart out to a woman you’ve just met and write her songs and poetry? Well, some guys I guess would, but most would not.

The reason is… it’s just not an effective method to win over a woman, whether she is brand new to you or she is your ex girlfriend. Now, if she is already feeling a lot of attraction towards you and you do those things, it can have a much different effect on her, because of the way that she feels about you.

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