No doubt you’ve found countless online sources that can (and will) help you get your ex boyfriend back. However you aren’t here to just get him back, you want to get him back FAST. Read on to find out 3 hot tips that will, when implemented properly, help you get him back to you sooner rather than later.

Language of Desires

1) Stop contacting him. Using the ‘No Contact Rule’ is the most effective and important thing you can do immediately after your boyfriend has broken up with you. Don’t call him, don’t answer calls from him, don’t text him – try to avoid him without making it seem like you are. If you have to, say that you are busy. He will begin to wonder how you are, how you are handling the breakup and whether you’ve moved on already. The more you are on his mind the better because it will lead to him missing you with questions and doubts as to whether he made the right decision in breaking up with you.

2) Move on. “Wait, wait, wait” you say. “How can I get my ex boyfriend back by moving on?” I’m glad you asked. When you move on, you are effectively realising that you CAN live without him. You don’t necessarily WANT to live without him (why would you be reading this then) but he doesn’t have to know that. Once he sees that you are getting on with your life he will start to see you as more of ‘commodity’ to be sought after rather than an ‘expense’ where he is guaranteed a return. Forgive my poor analogy, but this is the way you must think of it. Hopefully you can begin to understand the importance of moving on and why it is likely to increase your chances of HIM wanting YOU back which can also lead to a stronger relationship than before.

3) Go out with one of his mates. Want to really drive him crazy? Pick one of your ex boyfriend’s mates and go out with him. Don’t do it immediately after the breakup as it won’t be as effective, but by showing him that you’ve moved on he will become jealous. Make him have to work to get you, because you deserved to be worked for, don’t you? If he decides that he doesn’t want to work for you, then maybe you might decide you don’t want to get your ex boyfriend back after all. If you definitely DO want to get him back and you’ve taken these hot tips to heart, don’t relax just yet because there is still more for you to learn.

Christian Caleb wants to help you get your ex boyfriend back. Christian shows you how, giving you tips and reviews like this get him back forever review to help you get him back and keep him for good.

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