Are you feeling lost and don’t know what to do now that you have lost your boyfriend. It doesn’t matter how it happened and/or what happened, what you have to remember is that it is not the end of the world. You might have lost something but you haven’t lost everything. I know that the hardest thing for somebody to bear with is the person they love being with somebody else and not them. Are you asking everybody for advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back when you see that he has moved on to somebody else? Well I don’t know what they have told you but here are a few ways of going out it. 

Language of Desires

FIRST– The first thing you should do is to try to show him how much he still needs you. I am not saying go out and write a long note to let him know or even telling him straight up “YOU NEED ME IN YOUR LIFE, I KNOW YOU CANT LIVE WITH OUT ME”, I mean just little hints when you near him that he can pick up on with out you saying it to him. 

SECOND– Once you have found a way to let him know he wants you with out letting him know. Just be his friend, show him that you can be the person he can turn to when he needs somebody to talk to, that you understand things that he is going through and also that he can trust you. This may take a while to happen because you have to make sure that whole relationship drama has died down. This will help him see you more clearly and he may realize that he needs you back in his life. 

THRID– Once you find that moment that you want to call him and talk to him. This may or may not happen; it all depends on the type of person they are. Be nice and sweet with them on the phone with him. Only have an attitude with him if it is called for if not just be nice to him. While you are on the phone make sure that you don’t come off as you want him, the whole thing is to make him want you. I don’t agree with playing games but in this case it’s ok because you don’t want him thinking that he can get you when ever he wants, he has to work a little for it.

FOURTH-Don’t make your self look desperate. Avoid it at all cost, this will just give him the right to under estimate you. You have to give him the idea that you are okay with the whole break up and everything else that happened and that you can move on. If you seem like you are desperate things may not work out as you planned them to. 

FIFTH– Play a little heard to get but make sure that he finds out that you are available. Make sure he finds out or he may not even want to pursue you bad will just give up. Flirting and hanging out with friends is ok because that gives him a chance to see you a little bit more and will help ion getting him back. Always make sure to see if he is looking at you, the more he looks at you the better, don’t look at him the whole time just looking at him from the side. That will just let him know that you know that he is looking at you. Also looking at him kind of sideways will make it seem like you are saying “you see something you like, but you can’t have it” kind of way. 

SIXTH– Once in a while remind him of all the good times you two had together. This will help him remember how good things used to be when you two were together. Don’t bring up the bad memories this will only make him think of the bad things and it will ruin everything you have worked on. 

Now that you know some other ways to try to get him back, put them to use and see how it goes. If things don’t work out your way, don’t think anything bad about your self. This just means things were not meant to be for you two.

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