You broke up for whatever reason, and now you want your ex back. You have to take action quickly and not let too much time slide. But, having said that you do need to allow at least some time to go by for the initial “sting phase” to settle. Here’s how to get your ex back now!

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1. Let the Sting Phase settle!

I know, you want them back now, but you have to let the sting phase settle first or else you could ruin your chances completely. The sting phase is that initial post breakup period where emotions are hot and heavy, and can range from anger to resentment to much, much more. It’s a natural cycle to go through post breakup, and disturbing or interrupting that natural cycle could be very detrimental to getting back together. So let the sting phase play itself out, and know that waiting this period out is still the quickest route to getting back together.

2. Take action: Sneak but don’t Slither!

You don’t want to wait too long after the sting phase. You want to sneak back in their lives soon thereafter. Notice I said, sneak and not slither. Sneaking back in requires a positive, confident and pleasant attitude. Whereas slithering would involve a more sinister, irate and usually annoying attitude, such as repeated calls, and harassing behavior. So be smart, and safely sneak back into communications with your ex.

3. Have a Formula Ready!

How’s the saying go? Those who fail to plan, plan to fail? This applies here as well. One excellent way to keep your mind occupied during the sting phase, while you wait to take action, is teaching yourself how exactly you are going to go about getting your ex back. Now you can try to rack your brain for days and you will likely still be unprepared. A better way is to find a formula. There are specific techniques which have been proven to work, put together by real world people who know all about relationships and successfully getting your ex back. Some have put together manuals with a very easy to follow formula which can work extremely well for getting your ex back quickly and effectively. Do what works, and you’ll get the positive results you are after.

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