One of the very common things in most relationships are breakups. If you would like to win back your ex the you should follow some steps and avoid making some of the common mistakes when you pursue to get your partner back. It is very common in love that most of the people tend to become very possessive and want your partner to share everything and always blame him or her for her actions. This will make your partner feel the pressure and sometimes it causes suffocates them.

Language of Desires

Some times an irrelevant word or even a small incident can spark a fire of frustrations or doubt which could end up in a break up. Most of the times there may be no reason for relationship breakups. In order to win back your ex you have to understand why such a thing or incident happened and try to rectify it.

Don’t start sending endless emails or text messages or give your partner to many calls because he or she might get irritated. You partner requires space and time to think about his or her decision. Give your ex partner time to think about what went wrong. Win back your ex by being patient.

Most of the men are very anxious about getting their ex back. They do several things in order to win back her love but this will only increase woman’s despise. In order to make her feel jealous or to irritate her, they will even try to date other women. They will be ready to compromise anything to get her back.

First you have to understand the reason for the breakup. Think about the reason which made her to take such a decision.  Analyze the situations and find out the why he/she decided to break up or what lead to your partner to taking such decisions. Even if you haven’t done anything wrong simply apologize.

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