It is natural for most people wonder if they should get back together with ex partner, be it spouse or boy/girl friend. You want to ask yourself some questions to see if that really is a good idea. Getting back together with your ex might be the most wonderful thing, but it could also be the re ignition of a small guerrilla war. Start by thinking of all of the reasons why the relationship would NOT work if you tried to get back together.

Language of Desires

Look at each reason carefully and see if you can defuse it. Scrutinize each reason carefully to make sure you are not just going to end up beating up each others emotions. Whatever your relationship is now, you definitely do not want to make it worse.

For instance, is it possible that either of you have grown out of the relationship? People do change over time and maybe what was right for both of you once is now wrong for one or both of you. Do you really have a lot in common still? If you want to get back together with your ex now you want to make sure that you share enough common interests to really be in sync with each other for the long haul.

There are situations where one person migrates from being a blue collar worker to being a white collar office type moving up the corporate ladder. That person is not going to be the same as they were when he or she was grinding out 8 hour shifts.

Also, both of you have to be equally interested in the other. Both sides have to be pulling toward a relationship and not just one person tugging on the other. You want neither side to be over controlling the other.

Remember that if one party in the relationship is a control freak that this is one of the primary causes of break ups. To get back together with ex boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse requires that both people are mutually interested in the other.

Determine that each of these potential reasons why getting back together will not work are NOT going to be the case with you and your ex. Be sure and be honest while making these assessments, wishful thinking will not work.

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