For some people losing an ex that they loved really is a dramatic change in their lives and there are others who can easily move on.
If your someone who fits in the first category, then your in luck because there are ways to help you.

Language of Desires

First of all you need to stay strong, don’t ever start to have disbelief in yourself. No person in this world should ever make u feel sad and disappointed.

Once we got that out the way, the first step you need to do is give your ex some alone time. This is a very crucial step. If you keep bugging and calling your ex they are gonna automatically put you in the category of being a “stalker”.

Once a good two weeks have gone by simply give your ex a simple text to just start a conversation just to see how they are doing. Don’t feel discouraged if your ex replies back with short answers, either that means you caught them at a wrong time or they are making you earn their trust back again. To fully grasp how to approach your ex, you must first put urself in their shoes. Think how they took the whole breakup and how their emotions were affected in the break up also.

Keep the conversation going even if it seems like its going nowhere. Your ex will start to realize that you want to work things out, and always keep it friendly never bring up the past on why you guys broke up. Once you feel it is the right time, make the move on asking your ex out to a simple coffee meet up or to someplace you guys never been to before, just to surprise them with something new.

Getting a ex back can seem discouraging for some, but with the correct methods it should be a disappointment for you.

Realtionships are tough, We all know that.. Whats harder is break ups. Just cause you have a break up with a ex doesn’t mean you and your werent meant to be together. Don’t lose them you never know what your future could turn to be.


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