Being an expert in relationship counselling, the questions like “What should I do after a break up?”, “Is there still any chances to be together with my ex?” all sound familiar. Breaking any relationship, especially the ones sensitive like a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend always make people feel stuck and trapped which often results in serious mistakes. These mistakes could ruin absolutely your chance of winning one’s love back for ever.

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1) Don’t panic.

Now, what do I actually mean by don’t panic? You remember the times during your exams, what will most likely happen when you panicked? Yes, your mind turns blank. Same applies here, if you can’t think, your actions and behaviours will be anticipated by your emotions, which is bad. You don’t think rationally, you rush into the situation, trying to bug her for more explanations. But I can tell you firmly, the only thing next is that she will be avoiding you even more. Don’t even think you can ever win her love back again.


2) Give her space.

Everyone, every human to be exact, needs time to heal after their emotional break downs. She’s probably experiencing insomnia as you are now while trying to figure out whether the decision was the best option she had. Give her space on her own, don’t be paranoid, making calls, message, or even emails annoying the hell out of her. Trying calling her after 2 weeks, asking how’s life, make it casual, just like a friend. A high chance you’ll get after this is a lunch date with her, one step closer to win her love back.


3) Show life.


This is one of the crucial steps you will need to overcome yourself. You need to look good, maintain a healthy lifestyle and social activities. “How am I going to do it when I’m sad?” That’s why I said you need to overcome it yourself, no one can help you on this. Ask yourself, does your ex love you for looking depressed when you first met? No right? Now get up your feet, shake up, go make friends. You’ll be amazed on the positive energy and confident you’ll gather, hence indirectly increasing you chance to win her love back!

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Just to make sure you get my points that these methods had been working for me and my clients, however it might not work for every case. Anyway these tactics to win her love back are extracted from a great book which I had reviewed in my signature below.

Wishing For You,

Jc Coll

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