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Hello there and welcome to my article. Breaking up with someone can be a difficult and painful time for both parties. In my experience when this happens people automatically think that all is lost and just give up. Well I am here to tell you that all is not lost. In fact you have a great chance of getting back together with your boyfriend. I invite you to read on for some great advice.

– For a very short time give yourselves breathing space. You both need to step back and collect you thoughts and get your feelings in order. But don’t leave it too long.

– You and your boyfriend have some great memories and experiences together and they will stand by you. There is a solid foundation to rebuild your relationship. There is so much to fight for rather than simply giving up. Don’t throw this chance away. Fastest Way Getting Back Together

– Keep in contact with your boyfriend but not in a pushy or forceful way. This will only put him off. Take it slow to begin with, keeping the conversation light with a few laughs just to remind him what hes missing. It will serve as a gentle reminder what he’s missing out on. Then you can build on this.

– Always remain civilised and dignified. Even if you think you are in the right take a deep breath and compose yourself because I can assure you that getting into an argument at this stage will only drive you further apart.

– Always look your best. Don’t let yourself go. You know where he hangs out so make sure you are there too, looking your best of course. He’ll soon see what he is missing. It will mean that you are never far from his thoughts.

Quite simply life is too short.

You don’t meet people like your boyfriend everyday. He has made a massive impact in your life, and believe me you have done the same for him. The ultimate achievement in life is winning and holding on to the love of your life. You can then have the future together you both deserve. That is why you must seize the moment and take the opportunity to get him back. Fastest Way Getting Back Together

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