If you plan on getting back together with an ex, know that this cannot happen just because you wish for it. If you want reconciliation, there are certain things that you have to be prepared to do.

Language of Desires

You have to be patient. There is no use rushing things. Getting back together with an ex requires patience and determination. Start with simple gestures. A smile as you pass by, making sure you make eye contact to convey your message. However, avoid serious conversation at first or trying to overwhelm them. Take it slow and easy.

A few weeks after casual meetings, initiate short conversation. It could be something trivial and light. This would create a certain shroud of magic, an appealing charm particularly to men. When you happen to meet him or her in a party you are attending, engage him in a few exchanges then go back to your original company. The message you want to convey is that he is not your utmost priority at present. But make sure he does not forget you are somewhere nearby. Making eye contact every now and then would let them know you are quite interested still.

During conversation, do not attempt to give an impression that you are doing very well after the break up. This will give them the idea that you may no longer need him in your life. Give him a compliment – like how good he looks or how well he is doing at the moment. Try to direct the conversation on good times so you can reminisce together.

When you are really serious on getting back together with an ex, pay attention to how you look and how you carry yourself all the time. A woman would always appreciate a man who carries himself really well. As for a man, a woman who looks and feels confident and beautiful even after breaking up is very attractive.

Lastly but most importantly, be a good friend.

You must never let them know how desperate you are. Make him feel he needs you. And you must be there to offer a hand. When he is interested, you will soon know about it. If you think it was wrong to have broken up in the first place, then these are what you have to do if you want to start getting back together with an ex.

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