Do you find yourself repeatedly wondering, “Does my ex want to get back with me?” Do you try to read into each little action hoping for a clue? If your ex is showing you a bit more attention these days or even being a tad flirtatious, it is okay to become a bit hopeful.

Language of Desires

Flirting, showing you attention, and wanting to spend more time with you are all possible signs that your ex is really interested in getting back together. But now is not the time for you to rush back into things. Playing things too easily and letting your ex back into your life too quickly can cause him or her to start taking you for granted once again. Following a break up there is a natural tendency to miss each other.

There will likely be periods of wanting to get back together experienced on both sides. But giving these emotional urges time to fully develop is an important part of any possible reconciliation. If you find yourself wondering, “Does my ex want to get back together with me”; you can rest assured he or she is likely feeling similar urges. While this is probably the case, there are instances where your ex will only be toying with your emotions. They may just want to know that you want them back and have no serious interest in a true reconciliation.

This is another reason why you would be well advised to take any moves to restore your relationship slowly and carefully. In many instances it is possible to repair and restore your broken relationship. But there is a tried and true process that must be followed in order to give you the best shot at getting back together again. If you want the best chance at getting back together, be sure to follow that process.

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