Do you still love your ex girlfriend, if so you may feel that your life has become stagnant. You may feel that you can not move forward with your life, or even find love again. You may be feeling that your life is in a standstill. There is things that you can do to change everything. You do not have to live your life with out her if you know what steps to take.

Language of Desires

Some men think their best approach to get back the woman they love is to make her jealous. If you try this approach you are throwing your chance of getting back together away. What will happen when she sees you with another woman is this will stay in her memory forever. When ever she looks at you, she will see the other woman at your side. Do you still love your ex girlfriend, do not try and make her jealous to get her back.

Do not try calling her over and over to get her back, it does not work. Men do not understand that women fall back in love with men that they miss. When she realizes your not there, in her life anymore, she will want you back. If you still love your ex girlfriend, tell yourself not to talk to her at this time. If you have to get help from friends to help you not to talk to her, then do it. In most cases the woman will call you in a couple weeks, wanting to know what you are up to. When this happens, you are well on the way to getting back together.

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