Are you one among the many women who ask themselves, “Do I want my husband back?” if you are answer to the question is big yes, then believe me you are not the only one. Many women want their husbands back after a breakup. In most cases they never wanted the breakup to happen or even if they did now they want him back.

Language of Desires

Being lonely after a breakup can be quite a shock. It is this shock that makes you think about “do I want my husband back?” This does not mean that the only reason for your wanting him back is your loneliness, but it sure does instigate the want.

Boredom and fear should not drive you to take back your husband. Fear of being lonely, of having to face life and its problems alone. This should not be the sole reason of wanting to get your husband back.

If the only reason you are together is fear, then you will never be comfortable in your relationship. Don’t you deserve to be with someone you really want to be with and not someone you stick to out of fear?

Every person deserves a healthy relationship where they can be happy and feel cared for. The only reason to be together is that you want to be together.

If the question “do I want my husband back?” has a positive answer for you, even after all the introspection, then you should be together. Here are a few tips to help you achieve what you want.

Go back to being the person you were when you first met. You can’t possibly turn back the clock, but there is a lot you can do to bring about the same feeling.

Essentially you need to be the person your husband fell in love with. Figure out what it was that first pulled him to you. Is it your caring nature, attentiveness or your humor?

Many things may have changed over the years. May be you are not as attentive as you used to be. When a person get used to being cared for it is quite obvious when it goes missing. May be he misses the attention you gave to small details. Go back to doing it for him.

How often has divorce been the culmination of a relationship, once a spouse starts taking the other for granted? It is the first nail in the coffin. So if you have been asking yourself,” do I want my husband back?” then make an effort to start caring for him and not taking him for granted.

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