Are you separated or perhaps even divorced from your husband and now, you’re wondering, “Do I want my husband back?” If, so, you are not alone. For some, divorce is a final end to a life of misery. But for some, it was a mistake that was realized only in hindsight.

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Sometimes, being alone is a good thing, as it gives you time to de-stress and start thinking clearly once again. But it is then that loneliness can set in. If loneliness is the reason you are asking, “Do I want my husband back?” then stop, right now, and consider carefully what getting back together with him will mean. Try to be as rational as possible and do not let loneliness be a factor in your decision. You will regret it.

The fear of loneliness will cloud the judgment and lead to erroneous thinking. Under those circumstances, it would be best to get the opinion of an professional counselor, someone who can help guide the thought process without emotional interference.

Being with someone because you don’t want to be alone is unfair to both members of the marriage. A relationship based on fear will never find healthy growth, only misery and unhappiness. A fulfilling relationship is something everyone wants and deserves. Settling for what easy and convenient will only breed eventual resentment and bitterness.

So, if you are asking yourself, “Do I want my husband back?” be sure to add, “Do I want my husband back because I am afraid of being alone?” If that answer is yes, seek professional help to sort out your issues. Then you can ask yourself the question again and be able to find a more realistic answer.

Should you discover that you do, indeed, want your husband back and fear is not a factor, then your next step will be to figure out how to facilitate a reunion with him. You’ll need to know what went wrong, and how to fix it. What was it like when the two of you first met?

You are not a time traveler, of course, but going back in time in your memories will help you remember what was good about the relationship. From there, you can begin to reconstruct the relationship. Starting over again means laying a better foundation for a lasting partnership. Whatever it was that worked in the beginning is going to have to come alive again.

This means communication between the two of you will be vital. Find out what each other needs on a partner and try to become that for each other, or as near as is humanly possible. Sometimes, just the effort is enough to prove to the other that both of you really want your marriage to succeed.

It will be a good idea to determine what each other felt went wrong in the marriage, as well. In this way, you’ll both be aware of what needs to be avoided, at all costs.

So, asking yourself the question, “Do I want my husband back?” comes with a lot of hard work, no doubt. If the answer ends up being yes, you certainly have your work cut out for you. Don’t go it alone. There’s nothing at all wrong with getting help when it comes to making such an important decision.

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