Desiring to get an ex-wife back is not uncommon right after a marriage has been dissolved. So early after a breakup, the whole thing might appear hopeless. Hope is still there. Planning, maturity, and humility are called for to complete this successfully.

Language of Desires

It is not uncommon to want to call and try to patch things up. Hold yourself back. Right now there should be no communication between you two. The two of you need to have no communication for as much as week. No communication should be judgmental or criticizing. Look to apologize for your part in all of it. Driving her further away can be accomplished by expecting her to apologize to you. Let her do it on her own terms.

Examine the marriage in depth. You usually tend to fixate on the actions of the other person. This is normal. No one is the perfect spouse. Note what activities had both of you happy and content. Overlooking disagreements should not be done. What were they like when they started out? Over what did they occur? Was it resolved? How? This does not need to be shown to another soul. You can take the needed steps to make changes when you can take a clear look at your role in the relationship. Getting my ex wife back can be done much easier when you go through this process.

You should not threaten her to come back. She will never want to get back together with you if you start putting force on her. Tenderness goes a long way. Don’t try to fake it. Don’t be surprised that she sees exactly what you are doing. Avoid stalking her. Space is greatly needed by her. Just as you have things to think over, she has a lot on her mind.

Maintain your appearance. Now that she is available, men will be trying to get her attention. The competition is pretty tough looking. Your appearance is important. Winning contests is not your goal here. You want to get her attention and keep it. Normally, beer bellies are not a turn on.

A little work can go a long way. 90% of failed relationships can be repaired when a little effort is placed into it. When self-control is maintained relationships can be restored. Failed marriages usually involves poor communication. You have to be better at communicating if you want to get her back. Success at getting your ex wife back comes with you being mature, caring, affectionate, and attentive.

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