Can you win back her love? Almost certainly, although it does depend somewhat on what you have done to lose her love in the first place. If you had an affair, then it will take a good deal longer to win her back, because of course you have betrayed her trust at the highest level.

Language of Desires

Listen To Your Head

However, to win back her love you must, absolutely must keep your head. This truly is the one time you have to listen to your head rather than your heart. Your instincts might say – phone her, text her, meet her after work, be round every corner, let her see how miserable you are – but if you really want to win back her love, do not do that.

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

You need to get a plan in your head, and stick with it. It would be a good idea to get some advice here, so you could always visit a review site to see what sort of relationship problem advice is available. But, you need to just act cool. You need to just stay away for at least 30 days. I know it sounds crazy – but think about it, the rarer things are, the more valuable they are. You disappear off the scene for a month and you know she will be wondering why you have gone.

Agree With Her

If you have been phoning and texting her though, and generally making a nuisance of yourself, then it might be a good idea to write her a letter. Tell her you agree with the split, and you are going to get a grip on yourself and stay away. Tell her you think it is the best way.

That way she has a whole month to think about what you did and didn’t do – and she will think of the good things and the bad ones too. This is the first stage to win back her love.

After 30 Days

After thirty days you can think about texting her, although it would be best for her to make the first move.

But a short text is ok. When she replies, and she will reply, make sure she knows that you are very busy. You can make a time to talk to her on the phone for instance, but give the impression that you are really occupied with lots of stuff. When you do talk to her, keep the conversation brief. In the conversation, which should be really light with no begging at all, remind her of some of the good times that you have enjoyed together. Have a laugh at something you both found funny. Leave the conversation on a positive note. This will leave her with positive thoughts of you in her mind.

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