Many women ask themselves “Can I make my boyfriend love me again?” at some stage in the relationship. The feeling or the knowledge that they don’t love you anymore can be while you are still in the relationship or after it is officially over, but either way, it can leave you feeling lost and desperate for those feelings you once shared.

Language of Desires

All the events that lead up to you asking yourself “How can I make my boyfriend love me again?” are different for everyone. Some women have wronged their boyfriends and now they want to make amends. Some women don’t know what happened and feel that all the problems just seemed to appear out of nowhere.

While it may be more obvious in some cases than in others, it is almost guaranteed that both partners played a role; in what you now feel to be a loss of love on his side. And while you cannot actually “make” or force your boyfriend to have feelings for you again, there are things that you can control which may allow him to bring these feelings back on his own.

The first step in getting your boyfriend back is to let him go, if you haven’t already or if he hasn’t already made the break. If he’s told you how he feels and you’ve been begging or pleading him or promising him that you’ll change or any of that kind of behavior, it is only hurting your chances of him loving you again. Let him go!

Give him the space he needs. If he has already left, just make sure that you keep your distance and avoid any contact if at all possible. You need this time to clear your head and get yourself back. Stop worrying about what you cannot control–his feelings–and start worrying about what you can–your own.

Once you’ve established the distance you need, start focusing on yourself. First of all, it’s very important that you take care of your physical self. If you’ve been drinking or smoking too much or just going out all the time to try to take your mind off of your problems; you need to get this part under control. Start using your time to cook well-balanced meals. Stay away from the junk food and too much caffeine.

You also need to be getting your beauty rest. Sleep is extremely important to your well-being. A well-rested person feels more relaxed, eats less, and looks better than someone who isn’t sleeping enough. Well-rested people are more able to accomplish what they set out to do during the day. And being well-rested fights off depression as well.

If you can, get a little exercise in. Try to incorporate this into your daily life. Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, for example. You also want to get involved in some social activities like groups, or volunteer causes, or just going out with your friends every once in a while.

All of these things contribute to a healthier, more attractive you. This is the first step in the answer of how to “make my boyfriend love me again?”