When you and your boyfriend and/or girlfriend break up do you go into an emotionally period that you don’t want to talk to nobody and you don’t even think about going out side. All you do in the house is lie down, watch TV and eat.

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I think everybody has but everybody just go through it in there own way. I know that all my friends go through it different. One of my friends every time she breaks up with a boyfriend all she does is go out party and get drunk. What she doesn’t know is that when she wakes up in the morning hey problems are still going to be there. You see what people don’t realize is that no matter how much you drink and party the problem is still there in the back of your mind. Yeah you are getting drunk and for that one moment the problem seem to disappear but when you wake up the next day it will be right there in front of your face again. 

From watching how people deal with a break up and getting back with there ex boyfriend and/or girlfriend, I have learned three different ways of doing it. The most important one is that you never know what is going to happen until you go for it. If it goes the way you planned great, if it doesn’t its still great you have learned a new lesson in life and it can help you out in the future. Now let’s go over the three different ways of going out it.

Step 1– You had time to think that you guys broke up and you are now some what okay with the idea of them not being in your life. This is an important step, simply because it is the hardest thing for anybody to do. It’s simply the fact that you loved, cared, spent a lot of time, or even lived together. It’s a lot of things you have to go through by yourself there is really nobody who can really help you. Yeah there are people who you can talk to and let your feelings out but the most they can do for you is talk to you and give you some advice. They can’t go deep in you can take out the real feelings; the only person who can do that is you and only you.

Step 2-Do you talk to them or not? The real answer is you shouldn’t. You should let him call you, by you doing that he will find out if he and/or she really loves you. That will help with getting back with them because you will know how they really feel and the reason they want to get back with you. If you call you ex too early they won’t really take anything from it, the only thing they may take from it is that you can’t live without them. If you see that it’s been about 2 months and they haven’t called you it’s either because they don’t love you, found somebody else, or they just want to be single. If this happens don’t let it stress you, its part of life. Just know that everything is going to be okay.

Step 3-IF everything goes the way it should, you talked to him on the phone and is setting up a place to meet. Make sure you are the one to pick where you two meet. Do not meet at his house, meet at the movies, mall, downtown, at a restaurant, etc, etc. meeting at places like that will give you a chance to see how he is acting around you. It will also give you a chance to see if he really loves you and is willing to work things out and hop back into another relationship with you.

Now that we have gone over the three steps don’t be scared of breaking up its all a part of life. Just see it as a game and you are trying to win at the end. Just take it a day at a time and work with what you are give.

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