No more breakups.. How to get him back and keep him? If you want the guy of your dreams to come back to you and what you have been doing has not worked, you need to change things up a bit and try a new strategy.

Language of Desires

You want a relationship that makes you feel good about yourself and that you can feel good about. Having a person beside you for all the right reasons is a wonderful feeling. When you both complement each other and you realize you make a great team, nothing can stop you.

Then something happens and you find yourself on the receiving end of another one of many breakups.. how to get him back will take strength and perseverance. One of the best ways to get him to come back to you is to be sensitive to how he is feeling and to let him express how he is feeling in his way. Do not try to get him to do things he is not comfortable with. He will only resent you more.

Encourage him to express his feelings openly and honestly. Let him vent his frustration about the things that caused the break up in the first place. After he vents his frustration he may feel better and then the lines of communication can open up again and you two can have a real conversation.

Making a relationship work takes both of you. You two must be committed to each other and the relationship or else it will not work. Relationships do not just happen.

Two people meet and find they have things in common or feel a mutual attraction and decide they want to have a relationship. So they move in together and everything is wonderful for the first ten minutes. What people do not realize is that everyone is different and you need to learn how to live together.

what I mean is, one day one of you is going to do something that will annoy the other, it is inevitable. So what do you do? Like most people, you probably get a little freaked out and then start looking for other things they do that annoy you. If all these things do not get discussed and resolved they end up building up and will eventually will knock the relationship down like a house of cards.

Men and women are completely different and when you get into a relationship you need to accept that person for who they are, foibles and all. If something comes up and it will, talk about it immediately. Do not make fun or make degrading remarks when you bring it up. Whatever you think is a problem is probably something they have done that way for their entire lives. If it is a behavior that really bothers you bring it up with dignity and respect and see if they are willing to try to change.

Be prepared though, you may do something in the future to annoy him, too, and he will ask for the same consideration you asked of him.  Learn to be lenient and make compromises and there will be no more breakups.. how to get him back will be a thing of the past.