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When you are still in love with your ex boyfriend after a breakup, you may be wondering, how can I make him want me back? That is what most women think after they think they have lost the love of their life. Sometimes getting your ex back is easy and others can be stubborn and require some work. Whichever happens to be the case with your ex boyfriend, these huge tips will make it happen fast.

All relationships have their good and bad times, and you cannot always agree on everything. That is why there must be a lot of give and take to make a relationship succeed. We all have our individual likes and dislikes and that must be retained. It is what makes us individuals. If you and the man you love agreed on everything, life would get pretty boring. Small disagreements are what puts the spice in a relationship. But when those disagreements get too frequent and out of hand a breakup usually occurs. That might be what happened in yours. Boyfriend Wants Back

Once a breakup happens, one of the partners is left saying how can I get my ex back. The answer to that might sound strange to you, but you have to let him go. Not forever, but at least for a few weeks. There needs to be a cooling off period before any contact should be made. If you have already been constantly calling him, you need to stop it immediately and put as much distance between you as possible. That is usually what a man means when he tells you he needs space. He wants to be left alone to think for a while and he expects you to respect his wishes.

That means that you have to find other things to interest you and disappear from his radar.

This will not be an easy time for you, but if you expect your ex boyfriend to want you back, you need to make him miss you. Make your ex boyfriend see that you can have a life without him. Spend more time with your family and go out with your friends for a good time. He will be aware of your activities and realize that he might have carried things too far. It will make him feel like you have given up on him and are looking for a new love.

When this happens, you will be hearing from him very soon. Do not just fall back into his arms, play a little hard to get and make him chase you again. Make him think he is having to win back your love and he will appreciate it more. This will have taught you a very valuable lesson. When your ex boyfriend is acting stubborn, make him think you do not want him anymore and your ex boyfriend will want you back. Boyfriend Wants Back

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