Are you considering getting back together with your ex boyfriend? The idea probably seems quite exciting, especially if both of you are remembering all of the good times that you had together. But you should definitely do some serious thinking before you and your boyfriend decide to get back together.

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Many couples do successfully reunite and end up with very strong relationships after a break-up. However, some couples end up getting back together for the wrong reasons or without fully dealing with the factors that led to the dissolution of the relationship. If you want your rejuvenated relationship to be a success, make sure that you first take the time to consider the following issues:

Old wounds need to be healed.

In other words, there was some reason why you and your boyfriend broke up in the first place; has this issue been resolved? If not, it is likely that your relationship may fail again. You and your boyfriend must find a way to either deal with the problems that led to the break-up or you must jointly decide that the break-up issues are no longer conflicts. It isn’t enough to simply have regrets about the relationship and how it ended; things must change.

Let go of old expectations.

If you and your boyfriend decide to give the relationship another try, you will need to learn to treat it as a new relationship–not as an extension of your old one. This doesn’t mean that you need to completely start fresh; however, you do need to rebuild trust and friendship. You will need to reassess your goals as a couple and work on creating a new life together.

Don’t let emotions make decisions about reuniting or about the new relationship.

Of course it can feel quite thrilling to talk again with your ex, and you both may be feeling the euphoria of falling for each other once again. Yet allowing those feelings to control whether you and your boyfriend get back together could be a mistake. You both need to think rationally about how a new relationship would be–without letting the floods of emotion overcome you. Similarly, when making decisions about the new relationship, it is best to do so calmly and with sensible and reasonable thought. If either of you allow emotions to cloud your judgment, you may come to regret it later on.

If you really want to get back together with your boyfriend, make sure that you and he are both really ready for another try at the relationship. By doing so, you could end up saving yourself a great deal of heartache if, for some reason, the relationship does not fare well again.

It may seem quite easy to believe that your boyfriend has changed because of your great desire to reignite the relationship; however, if it isn’t actually true you will just be setting yourself up for failure. Instead, set yourself up for success by being honest with your boyfriend and making sure that the two of you do not follow the same path that led to your first break-up.

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