Not long after breaking up, many men begin asking themselves the same question: “What can I do to get my ex girlfriend back?” Some start considering what they could have done differently and what exactly went wrong. Some men even begin to make plans to write an apology letter. Basically, any thing a man thinks might help to win his ex back, he will make a decision about whether to act on it or not.

Language of Desires

The best way to begin trying to get your girlfriend back is to forget about the relationship for a while. Put your efforts into something else you like to do. Have fun, go out with friends, and forget about women in general. I know that last part is hard to do, but just give it a shot.

Give yourself a few weeks or even a month to make some changes in your routine. This strategy will allow you to make changes in your life and in your outlook on relationships. After a month or so, you should have a better plan for how to deal with your ex.

Are you still interested in making it work with her? Have you decided to move on? If you plan to try to get back together with her, now is the a good time to assess her feelings for you too.

If you still want to try to get back together, you should start to play a little hard to get. She is probably missing you by now. What you will be doing is showing her that you are doing fine without her. Now she will start to really think about her feelings for you. She may even start to make moves towards you.

You shouldn’t over analyze things at this stage. If getting back with your ex girlfriend is meant to happen, it will start to become apparent. Play it safe and try to act lovingly and receptive while still maintaining a sense of independence.

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