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Now, breakup happens every day and most of them never reunite. If you want to get your girlfriend back, you have to do right things and never rush her. You will fail if you jump in with both feet, follow her around and ring her 20 times a day. Take time to read these advices to have stronger relationship.



It is said that men can be stubborn; this is truer about women especially if she has been hurt by you. If you truly want to get her back you need to play things cool, I don’t mean that you should walk round in a pair of shades calling everyone “babe” I mean that you should relax and take things as they come, naturally. If your girlfriend feels as though she is under any kind of pressure to get back together with you, she will put more distance between you.


Avoid ringing friends to discuss the break up, if your relationship has been going on for some time, you share the same friends and they will call her and tell her that you have told them all about it. She might have told her friends that you are going through a rough patch so if you call them and start sobbing down the phone saying that she dumped you, you may make her look like a liar to her friends at which point it’s all over.


Rebuild her trust in you if you have given her reason to doubt it, give her enough space that she doesn’t feel smothered but not enough that she thinks that you’ve gotten over her.


Have you thought about calling her? Well unless you have something of importance to tell her you should think twice, if she left some of her belongings which you know she can’t be without you can call her and ask if she would like you to send them over to her. Don’t call her just to tell her that she’s left her toothbrush or feminine products, she won’t be impressed.


Don’t turn up at her place of work with a bunch of flowers, if she has friends at work that can see that she’s emotionally upset, you may be greeted by two large security officers. If she goes out for lunch, don’t just happen to be at the same place, you’ll just look like you’re stalking her. Avoid any contact until you’ve sorted out your own emotions and given her enough time to miss you as much as you miss her.


You may feel like your insides have been stomped on and your heart is breaking right now but you have to do things properly. If you try rushing the reunion without the right guidance you stand a very big chance of driving her further away.


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