You’re searching for advice on how to get your girl back. The break up between you two was devastating and you’re in no way ready to move on. How can you when you love her so much? You don’t have to. When a relationship ends, the future holds one of two scenarios for you. You can give in to what you think fate has in store for you and just let her go or you can fight to get her back. If you love her, it’s obvious which route you’re going to take. All you really need is steadfast determination, patience and a proven plan that will give you the results you want.

Language of Desires

In order to make her want you again you have to become irresistible to her. That sounds impossible given where things stand between you two right now but it’s not. You have an unfair advantage when you’re trying to get your girl back. You already know what she loved the most about you. You’re going to use that insight to not only make her want you back but get her deeper in love.

Women tend to be very vocal about the qualities they find compelling in a man. They may love when a man is generous in spirit or perhaps they get crazy when they see a man who can show his sensitive side. Consider what your girlfriend used to love the most about you. Focus on those things and you’ll be sure to awaken her interest in you again.

Pushing for a second chance is akin to pushing her away. Even if your girlfriend was the one who suggested that you two end things, don’t make assumptions about what she’s feeling. She’s probably also mourning the loss of the relationship and her connection with her. That’s why it’s crucial that you don’t bombard her with calls asking her to come back to you.

Work on trying to make the past a distant memory by creating new, platonic experiences with her. Begin by telling her that you are sorry for the way things ended up between the two of you. One sincere apology means much more than any gift or bouquet of flowers you could send to her.

Next you’ll concentrate on showing her what a great confidante and friend you can be. It’s very important that you don’t try and introduce any romance into the relationship at this point. She has to see you as someone who doesn’t expect anything more than friendship from her. That means you treat her as you would any other friend you have until she feels she can open up to you again.

The appeal of getting her back using this approach is that the two of you will have a solid foundation from which to build your renewed romantic connection. Primarily she’ll see you as her best friend and relationships based on that tend to thrive and grow.

The things you do after your breakup will either set the stage for a reunion with your girlfriend or will ensure she’s gone for good. Saying or doing the wrong thing can impact your future with the woman you love. If you still need and want her don’t leave your future with her to chance, there are ways to win her back.

There are guaranteed ways to get her back regardless of why you two split. If you’re tired of feeling heartbroken and if you’re worried about her meeting a new guy, now is the time to get her back for good.