Are you tired of reading silly advice on how to get my ex girlfriend back? I am not saying that what I have to offer you is the best advice. There are no hard and fast rules with regards to women, you know. They are very complex creatures and we will never fully understand them. Nevertheless, pleasing your girlfriend isn’t rocket science. So I would like to share with you some down-to-earth stuff you can do right now if you want to know what you do to get your ex girlfriend back.

Language of Desires

First, have you asked yourself this question: “Why did my girlfriend dumped me?”. Do you have any idea why she left you? Is it true that you haven’t been giving her attention lately? It is common knowledge that women are basically emotional creatures. They need you to validate what they are feeling but often times this doesn’t come naturally to guys. A lot of men fail to satisfy the basic needs of women so they end up getting dumped by their girlfriend.

You may not know it yet but listening to your girlfriend when she is talking to you is a big score for you. When you are with her don’t just stare and nod while your mind someplace else. I know it will take some effort and practice at first, but learning this simple gesture when you are with her will do wonders to make her happy with your relationship.

Generally, women have emotional “hang-ups” that men should learn to deal with sensitivity. Being able to talk to them at a level you are both comfortable with means that your relationship has a lot of promise for the future. So even if you are the kind of guy who keeps to himself and doesn’t talk too much, let your actions tell her that you are willing to listen to whatever is bugging her.

Do not just tell her that everything is going to be alright.

Looking for the best advice to your question “How to get my ex girlfriend back” and following it by the book seems a bit tiring already. But if you follow my advice and if you learn how to meet her needs then she will find no grounds at all not to want to come back into your arms.

If you really love her and feel that you can change things for the better then you will need a fool-proof plan to reverse your break up without looking helpless. Actually, there is a strategic and proven method to do this. Are you willing to do controversial mind *tricks* to get your ex girlfriend back.