Are you going through a break up with a girlfriend? This situation can affect your mind, body and soul in a bad way if you were once madly in love with her. Try to be with people who really care about you and can understand your emotions. You need to be mentally strong when in this situation. If you have the right people around you then it can ease out the situation a bit. If you are really determined to forget your ex girlfriend it should not be too painful if your mind is made up.

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(1) You should not be alone after the break up. Try to be in group of friends. When you are alone you will think and ask why the breakup happened over and over again and thus making you feel worse. You should go and seek the company of good friends whom you have not seen or contact for a long time now.

(2) Other thing that is a must to do is cleaning up all the things which remind you of your past. It includes books, gifts, cards, dresses or anything. Throw all these things away. When he is no longer in your life then why should these things remain around you?

(3) Another good tip is to make yourself as busy as you can so your mind is never idle to think about her. The best thing you should do to forget your ex girlfriend is to work hard and succeed in your career, studies or business. Hard work is never wasted. Please remember you would surely get rewards for the hard work you do.

(4) You should take care of your eating pattern as well. People react differently in these situations. Some people start eating junk food and some people lose all their appetite. You should take healthy food in these times. In a healthy body only good thoughts can come. Please make sure you take your meals timely and not forgetting taking good nutritious diet.

(5) Another good way to forget your ex girlfriend is through doing exercise. Exercising is a good way of keeping yourself busy and it takes out all frustration as well. And at the same way you would also be making yourself fit. You can go for aerobics or exercise at the gyms, jogging or swimming.

(6) Good honey is like food of the soul. You should listen to soothing music which can make you feel at calm and peace. You can even start partying with your friends or you can go on trips or long drive. Just do what you like to do and which makes you feel happy and feel being single once more.

(7) To forget your ex girlfriend means you should not expect any calls from him on your mobile. Please keep your mobile away. Never try to contact him again otherwise you will end up worsening the situation.

You need to know that getting over a broken heart is important. Studies shows that the longer you keep toxic relationship or ex memories the more chance you might get mental disability and that could affect your entire life. Apply these simple techniques and get tremendous results when you visit

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