If you are sitting around after a breakup thinking “I want to get my ex boyfriend back” here are 5 ways you can start on the road to getting him back beginning today.

Language of Desires

Relationships are special bonds that can be easily broken if they are not nurtured or allowed to grow naturally. When a breakup happens it can be especially stressful and very heartbreaking. Among the easiest and quickest ways to get your ex back is also one of the best ways to repair your relationship completely because you will be taking the time to let your ex know just how important you are to them and what it was they first fell in love with about you.

Number One:

Quite simply, be yourself. You remember the way you were when you first got together? Start acting like the girl he fell in love with and you can be certain he will begin to notice almost immediately. He may even wonder how he could have forgotten the things he was first attracted to.
You will also surely feel a renewed sense of self when you begin to just simply be yourself.

Number Two

Always be confident and show strength in who you are. If you have ever had a needy friend or boyfriend you realize just how much of an annoyance and a turn off this can be for anybody. So if you are whining and begging, simply put: STOP IT NOW!! You need to show your ex that you are doing just fine without him, you don’t really need him, and you can live without him. Trust me, guys really hate when you act like they no longer matter. He may be back the first time he notices this.

Number Three

Go out and have some fun with your friends. Let them be a distraction while at the same time letting yourself have some fun. Meet new people (who knows, you may even meet a new guy) and live a little. Although I don’t really recommend using anyone to make him jealous, this is also something that will make him call you almost immediately. BUT…

Number Four

Even if he does start calling you should either not take his calls for the first few days or even longer because if you jump too fast he will probably just end up flying the coop again. This may seem really hard at first but you have to play hard to get if you really want him back. No communication will drive him insane and have him begging for you to take him back. Just keep in mind that you are playing hard to get and if you wait too long, he may move on if he starts to think you are really over him.

Number Five

Finally, make sure that you are willing to be flexible when it comes to certain areas of your relationship. Don’t make demands on him to get his things this minute or you’re going to throw them out. Don’t play this kind of game as it really is just another ploy that will make you seem harsh and needy. Let him know that his stuff is available if he wants it but even though you won’t hold onto it forever, he can get it when he’s ready. This will actually work better for you because the longer the time he has spent away from you the more he will start to miss you.

Now you can honestly say to yourself “I know 5 ways to get my ex boyfriend back” so start using these strategies today and chances are he’ll be back in your arms before too long.

Kimberly Aita
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