The heart is one instrument that heals when it’s broken. Break-ups are usually because of conflicts and unresolved issues. Sometimes relationships just can’t help it but fall down only to grow stronger. If you want the love you had back then here are 5 easy tips to get back together with an ex.

Language of Desires

1. Do not hurry. When it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be. Take time to heal the broken heart. Acknowledge the fact that a break-up has occurred between you and your previous partner. Acceptance is the key to move on and start a new beginning. Let go of the past because it will eat you alive. Focus more on improving yourself. Be the better person that you can be. Take note that you’re not doing this for no one else but yourself. You’re sharing a part of yourself to others especially to the person you love. Remember, love is kind and generous. Be the best you can be in a relationship.

2. Pay attention for synchronicity. It’s referred to as occurring of two unrelated events in perfect timing or in a meaningful manner. The experience of perfect timing. There is always a good and bad time to get back together with an ex. Be sensitive and place your intentions whenever the time is right. Don’t fire when it’s not the appropriate time to do so.

3. Reconnect. If you’ve given this a deep thought, then give your ex a call or send a text message asking how life has been lately but sound casual and not too eager. You don’t want to send bad signals that trigger bad memories. If she responds then ask her out for lunch or dinner just to catch up for old time’s sake.

4.Do not ignore signals. During your first meeting as friends after the break up, don’t miss signs and messages that will help you determine your ex’s interest. Recognize signs, and follow your instincts. Sometimes it’s good to read your ex’s thoughts and body language before pushing further into getting him back or her back.

5. Communication is the key. After several dates that went well, give signs for your true intentions. If you want to get back together make it known to her so she doesn’t turn a blind eye. Communicate as often as possible. Send gifts and plan for surprises. This adds spark to a relationship. Schedule outdoor or sport activities that you can both enjoy or try things you haven’t done together. This allows you to discover hidden traits and characteristic. Once you get hold of the momentum you’re good to go.

Deepen your relationship through the challenges you encounter together. Conflicts cannot be erased once in a relationship. It’s meant to deepen until it’s rooted.

There’s one factor that can either deepen or worsen the relationship and that’s the attitude. Be more understanding, caring, and generous. Think not just of yourself but also ways to solve conflicts and issues without picking big fights and brawls. For more tips on how to get back together, visit