If your breakup left you feeling uneasy and vulnerable, it is likely that you are wondering “how to get my boyfriend back”. Chances are you could be feeling resentful, but sad and lonely at the same time.

Language of Desires

If you really want to “get my boyfriend back” no matter what, then here are 4 steps that you can take:

Step 1: Express Your Emotions

The initial step in figuring out “how to get my boyfriend back” is express how you feel after what just happened. Do not bottle-up your feelings! It has been said that a breakup can be just as painful as the loss of a family member -so feeling every emotion is important for the healing process to begin.

As you constantly ask yourself, “How do I get him back”, do not lose track of your life and looking after yourself. Make sure you continue to eat healthily, exercise as normal and get enough sleep in between. Do not be afraid to turn to a close family member or friend for support during this stage of the breakup.

Step 2: Get to grips with what happened

After the initial mourning, you feel more confident and ready to get to grips with why the relationship ended and whether it was a long time coming or not. Now is the time to decide whether you should move on or attempt getting him back.

If you still love him and want to know “how to get my ex boyfriend back”, it is time you realized that the breakup was caused by both of you – regardless of who dumped who.

Step 3: Look At The Root Cause

Once you have figured out the real reasons for things falling apart, you should start to think of how they could have been avoided. This may require you to change and see things from his stand point.

If you truly want to love him for who he is, it could mean that you will have to tolerate some of his “flaws” to “get my boyfriend back”. There may still be an issue that you have not resolved yet – something that you both feel strongly about. That’s fine – but do not let it get in the way of a happy relationship.

Step 4: Make him feel good about himself

The final step in figuring out “how to get my ex boyfriend back” is to make him feel good about himself. Even if he is a man, he could be hurting just as bad after the breakup.

Men hate failure, so the ending of what was once a good relationship could really have dampened his confidence. If you can say sorry to him for what happened and accept part-responsibility for the breakup, it will help take the weight off his shoulders, and make him feel a little better about the situation.

Look, a breakup can be dealt with in a number of ways. But what is important is that you never hold your emotions back, but learn to see what really caused the breakup. Once you know why, it will be easier for you to work through things properly.

Learning to get him back is not about seeing how much you can mold him into someone you want him to be, but to rather focus on how you can change to improve the relationship. And that is “how to get my ex boyfriend back” and put the relationship back on track to a bright future.

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