Did you just break up with your ex and you realize that you still have deep feelings for this person? Is getting your ex back always on your mind? Here are 4 dos that will help you get your ex back.

Language of Desires

Do #1 – Accept the fact you broke up.

Accepting that you have broken up will release the stress of breaking up and allow you to heal. During this time you will be on an emotional roller coaster. At times you will want to do anything to get them back. Then be just the opposite, and be happy you broke up with the so and so. You will need to fight this depression and overcome it. Your emotions have to be stable so you can focus on the next ‘do’.

Do #2 – Keep communications with your ex to a bare minimum.

You will need to stop constantly calling, emailing, and text messaging them. This is important because if you have been doing this you will have been pushing them father away. You need to work with human nature here. With your constant communication your ex will naturally pull away. It’s like being next to a fire, as it gets hotter you pull away as it gets cooler you move closer. Less communication means less heat so they move closer and start to realize that they do miss you.

Do #3 – You must have a well thought out plan to getting your ex back.

Doing #1 and #2 above will get you started to getting you ex back, but it is only the initial steps. You will also need a well thought out plan before you can get your ex back. You will need to start slowly and move step by step with your emotions under tight control which will help you to handle any thing that happens and will help you to get your ex back.

Do #4 – Move slowly. Take your time.

When you have your plan in place start building some interest. If you meet at a party keep the conversation neutral. Say hello and keep it cool. Be sure to make and keep eye contact so they know you are talking to them. Don’t be afraid to stop the conversation and join your friends if they show up at the same party. This will show your ex that you enjoy talking to them but they are not a priority in your life.

Accepting the fact that you have broken up will help diminish the frustration you feel and allow you to focus on getting your ex back. By keeping the communication to a minimum your ex will come to realize that they do miss you and that they want to spend more time with you.

Okay your ex has expressed an interest in going date what do you do now? Do you want to know what to say that will make them want you back even more? Are you afraid that you might make a mistake and blow it? If you said ‘Yes’ to these questions and you want to know what you should be doing then come discover how to get your ex back.