Your worst nightmare has suddenly become a dreadful reality. For whatever reason you have split up. You want to know how to get back with your love. You are alone, confused, and heartbroken. All you want at this point is desperately to get back with your love and be happy again. But be warned, this is the danger zone. This is the time when you can easily and tragically drive your love away for ever by taking the wrong action through emotional confusion.

Language of Desires

You have lost your love and my heart goes out to you, particularly because I know only too well how it feels. The worst thing in the world. In fact world war 3 could break out around you right now and you would hardly notice, because you are so wrapped up in your misery.

Well, now that we have found each other here on this page, please allow me to to help you get your problems sorted, and your mind back into a positive frame. Because, if you are going to salvage your love from this disastrous situation you have to remain calm and focused.

I know this easier said than done, but on the basis that no situation, however desperate, is irretrievable, your decision, at this point to clear your head from damaging and conflicting emotional pleas from your heart, will be a good start on the road to reconciliation.

Yes, your heart is broken and it is bleeding and is screaming for you to do something about it, however desperate, but this is not the way to go. Passion is a wonderful thing in the right context, it is also a very destructive entity when we let ourselves be possessed by it. So let us lock Passion away in a closet for now, preferably in the bedroom where it belongs.

If you can manage to take control of yourself, your emotions and your passion, and this is extremely important in your present quest, you are ready to go on to the next stage of your mission.

This is not the time for the blame game, for recriminations, for deciding who did things wrong and who did them right.

Not the time to blame yourself or anybody else for what has happened. Remember, it takes two to Tango and you want to get your dancing partner back and start afresh.

Now, I don’t know the circumstances of your breakup, there are very many reasons why these things happen, we sometimes even see it coming but are powerless to stop it from happening. This is why it is very important to get your mind straight right now so that you are in control of yourself enough to achieve a happy ending and get back together with your love.

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